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کاکتوس را با مولوی قلم الدين، وزیر امر به معروف ونهی از منکر حکومت طالبان پنجشنبه، ۲۵ دلو ساعت ۰۹:۰۰ شب از تلویزیون یک ببینید

Cactus with Dr. Ramazan Bashardost EP 06 کاکتوس با داکتر رمضان بشردوست
Watch Cactus with Dr. Ramazan Bashardost on Feb 07
Cactus with Wais Ahmad Barmak EP 05 - کاکتوس با ویس احمد برمک
Cactus with Dr. Rangin Dadfar Spanta EP 04 - کاکتوس با داکتر رنگین دادفر اسپنتا
Watch Cactus with Dr. Rangin Dadfar Spanta on Jan 24
Watch Cactus with Wais Ahmad Barmak on Jan 31
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  • Cactus

    Talk and entertainment-centric show of Cactus is broadcast by 1TV on Thursdays 9:00pm.

    Participated by celebrities and famous figures, the show touches upon issues rarely discussed in the past.

    The show is hosted by Afghanistan's famous presenter, Mukhtar Lashkari, and it undoubtedly will establish itself as the most watched TV show in the country.


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About 1TV:

1TV is one of leading television stations in the country.  Known for its hard-hitting news reports and high-impact current affairs programs, 1TV prides itself on rapid, objective, and factual reporting.

1TV reaches a large percentage of highly educated and affluent viewers, targeting a younger audience and a greater share of the middle class.  Its aggressive national outreach and catchy programming make it one of the leading privately owned commercial television stations in Afghanistan.

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